Referral Program

Share your Referral URL with other Shopify stores and start earning more.

Your starting usage fee:
10¢ for each $1 earned by any Supercart extra service.

For each new active reffered store, you will decrease your Supercart fee by 0.5¢.

  1. 9.5¢ for 1 reffered store
  2. 9.0¢ for 2 reffered stores
  3. 8.0¢ for 4 reffered stores
  4. 7.0¢ for 6 reffered stores
  5. 6.0¢ for 8 reffered stores
  6. 5.0¢ for 10 reffered stores

When you get to 0¢, you will use our app for 100% FREE.
You will keep all revenue and use everything free.

When they get their first Supercart order they become active. The store must remain active to maintain your decreased fee.

See your Referral URL inside your /account page.