What's New

Turn ON/OFF auto-fulfillment on Supercart extra services.

Some of our merchants wanted to have the Supercart extra-services fulfilled automatically. Other merchants wanted to manually fulfill them. From now on, you can turn ON/OFF auto-fulfillment.

All Supercart orders are now tagged with Supercart tag

To make it easier to search Supercart orders inside Shopify, from now on, these orders are automatically tagged with "Supercart" tag.

Better track on Cart install process.

We improved Supercart install process and now you can view which cart is installed on any of your themes.

Introducing Classic Cart Design

Supercart Classic cart is a 2 layout cart design, very simple and ready to convert your visitors into customers.

Supercart Promo Video

First Supercart promo video is live on Youtube and Vimeo:

Introducing Minimal Cart Design

Minimal Cart is the our first cart design available for free on our cart. With only one click, Shopify Merchants can install the cart design on their stores. Supercart Minimal Cart is a cart inspired from top fashion brand Chanel and it can be customizable to your own needs.

Launch Day

After months of development! Supercart is approved on Shopify Apps Store.